Thursday, November 21, 2019

Answer the question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Answer the question - Assignment Example t for various purposes, the facet of information privacy has emerged as a critical concern to leverage utmost benefits out of this unique technological development i.e. the internet. A rudimental ethical debate has propagated wherein a number of critics and users have raised doubts whether they can use the medium of the internet to share their personal information or not. The wider reach of the internet in this regard has been acting as the key concerning factor due to which certain sections of ill-minded people have targeted the online medium to gain and manipulate personal information. The study intends to critically analyse that despite a pinnacle role played by the internet in daily lives of human beings, a profound ethical debate on information privacy has raised. The way in which this ethical debate has raised associated with the use of the internet will be highlighted in the study. In accordance with Temmel & et. al. (n.d.), technology has influenced the modern life of human beings. During daily life, human beings are dealing with several electronic devices and techniques. Especially, the internet has emerged as one of the most advanced innovations of science and technology, which has facilitated the modern civilisation to march towards a more lucid future. Thus, it can be evidently asserted that the internet can also influence our lifestyle in both ways such as good and bad aspects (Temmel & et. al., n. d.). According to the observation, it has been determined that the impact of the internet has changed the aspect of modern life enormously. In order to measure the advantages of the internet it can be highlighted that the internet has delivered several facilities to the human beings, which have not been ever-expected by human kind before. Due to enormous technological advancement, people can access the internet from their home for personal requirement and also can use the internet from workplace for professional uses. Due to the availability of the

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