Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Microbiology Stage-stratified approach to AIDS

Question: Discuss about the Microbiology for Stage-stratified approach to AIDS? Answer: In what ways could the patients history relate to the current complaint? The patient had suffered from Kaposi's sarcoma (a disease caused by herpes virus) and HIV infection two years ago. The patient has also reported with chronic diarrhea and arachnoid cysts. Thus, the present compliant of the patient is associated with numbness and weakness combining with bowel incontinence (Krown et al., 2014). What information is obtained from the laboratory results? In the laboratory report, several white blood cells were present in the blood sample, but CSF study did not show any bacteriologic growth. How does the information presented help to determine the most likely cause of the patients complaint? The arachnoid cysts of the patient are responsible for the weakness in the right leg. Moreover, the loss of bowel control results from the sarcoma lesions at lower extremity. References: Krown, S. E., Borok, M. Z., Campbell, T. B., Casper, C., Dittmer, D. P., Hosseinipour, M. C., ... Phipps, W. T. (2014). Stage-stratified approach to AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma: Implications for resource-limited environments.Journal of Clinical Oncology,32(23), 2512-2513.

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