Sunday, February 9, 2020

National Labour Relations Act Research Proposal

National Labour Relations Act - Research Proposal Example The entire issue of trade unions among employees in civilised states especially in United States of America has raised endless debate among professionals and other critical thinkers and scholars. Despite discussing on the role and the significant of trade unions among employees, scholars have as well researches on the factors that led to the formation and development of trade unions in United States of America and other developed and developing countries. The subsequent essay will therefore explore and analyse on the importance of trade unions in United States of America and other developed countries. The essay will as well provide a comprehensive research proposal that will seek to train employees and employers on the content the national labour relations act The labour unions are often recognised organisations and movements that are comprised of workers hailing from single industry, employed by a particular business and performing a single job to a specific profit making and non-pr ofit making organization. Some of these unions are instrumental in granting employees a bargaining power to negotiate and agree on better and favourable terms and conditions of employment and remuneration. Compared to individual negotiation between an employee and employer, trade unions give employees and lower class organisation workers more agitation power and influence over their employers. The issue of forming, managing, and joining trade unions in United States have raised continuous debates among stakeholders from varying professional background Problem Statement It is the right of employees to become affiliates and active members of specific trade unions to voice their concerns, grievances, and front their interest and demands to their employees. Similarly, NLRA prohibits employers and managers from either suspending or dismissing their workers because of joining trade unions or because workers have engaged in trade unions strikes and demonstrations. During the epoch of the e conomic depression in United States of America, employers could recruit workers easily while employees found it difficult and challenging to secure another employment. Most workers were as a result less attentive and less interested in forming and in participating in unions’ strikes resulting to less than 10% of people becoming trade unions members by 1933. On the other hand, the NLRA provided the workers the rights and power of becoming members of trade unions thus enabling them to have a collective bargaining power with their bosses through preferred unions’ representatives. As a result, the United States of America constitution and the NLRA Act protected workers from exploitation or mistreatment by their employers. The introduction of NLRA therefore resulted in tremendous growth and development of trade unions membership in America and other developed countries such as United Kingdom (Sloane & Witney, 2010). Literature Review The NLRA Act offers and guarantee worker s protection and right to form, join, and become members of labour unions in order to collectively bargain on matters regarding their working hours, wages, as well as working conditions. Trade unions as well offers avenue for negotiation and interaction between employers and employees. NLRA further prohibits employers from taking punitive and strick actions or measures against employees who wish to become and participate

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